random thoughts

~ I’m no Sun Tsu, but even I know that if you don’t fight a war to win, you don’t, um, win.

~ As I’m reading through Scripture, I recently came across this in Jeremiah 31:

I will turn their mourning into joy; I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow.

I understand the context of those words is not about me, but I know that God, and Has turned my mourning into joy. He has comforted me and given me gladness for sorrow.

~ A couple of words and phrases that annoy me:

teachable moment — it’s so pretentious. Also, moments can’t be taught anything. Some people are teachable, but moments aren’t.

gift used as a verb — what’s wrong with give??

~ Why would someone who owns a sports/muscle car drive below the speed limit?

~ September has been hotter and more humid than August. I’m ready for fall!

~ Random thoughts, random photos:




~ I’m waiting on an electrician to check on some things at home. He said he’d be here between 9 and 10. It’s 9:45, and no sign of him, but I’ve done some laundry and gotten some mail ready to go.

~ South Beach is craaaazy, but our hotel was wonderful. I’ll share more about that soon.

~ Last night, Paul and I had our first “normal” night at home since our wedding. Normal is awesome! :)

And that’s it for this Wednesday. Thanks for reading, y’all!



A few links that have caught my eye recently:

~ My son is an artist participating in FLAUNT, 2014 a month-long art event in my town. He recently visited with the Sturdy Brothers, makers of some really awesome waxed canvas goods.

~ Some San Jose State fans share about their visit to the loveliest village.

~ What a messed up culture we live in when you can’t exhort men to act like men.

~ Why I hated women’s ministry. Yes, yes, yes!!

~ More than a chicken sandwich.

~ Do your thing.

That’s it for this Friday. Enjoy your weekend!


This past Saturday I took an all-day digital photography class taught by my son. I learned a lot about how to adjust the settings on my camera, and I expect to see some improvements in my photos. We spent some time in the classroom and then walked around to put what we learned into practice. All kinds of cool things are going on in my town this month during Flaunt.



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