“Whether we realize it or not, we all give someone or something the last word…”

takinggodFrom Kevin DeYoung’s Taking God At His Word:

All religion rests on authority. In fact, every academic discipline and every sphere of human inquiry rests on authority. Whether we realize it or not, we all give someone or something the last word–our parents, our culture, our community, our feelings, the government, peer-reviewed journals, opinion polls, impressions, or a holy book. We all have someone or something that we turn to as the final arbiter of truth claims. For Christians, this authority is the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Of course, we can misunderstand and misapply the word of God. But when interpreted correctly–paying attention to the original context, considering the literary genre, thinking through authorial intent–the Bible is never wrong in what it affirms and must never be marginalized as anything less than the last word on everything it teaches.

a thought as we start our day…

smoothstonesFrom Smooth Stones Taken From Ancient Brooks:

No man knows what mercies a day may bring forth, what miseries, what good, or what evil, what afflictions, what temptations, what liberty, what bonds, what good success, or what bad success a day may bring forth; and, therefore, a man need every day be in his closet with God, that he may be prepared and fitted to entertain and improve all the occurrences, successes and emergencies that may attend him in the course of his life.